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Black Velvet: The Erin O'Reilly Mysteries, Book One

Steven Henry

Erin learned a lot from her partner: stay alert, follow your nose, and once you've got your teeth in them, never let go.

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Wells of Night: A collection of verse

Gabriel Blanchard

Homoeroticism, Catholic mysticism, philosophy, and fantasy are blended in this premier collection of poetry by Gabriel Blanchard.

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Hubris Towers: The Complete First Season

Bill Hoard, Ben Y. Faroe

“Luxury living at Hubris Towers: Isn’t it time you get what you really deserve?”

Price: $3.99

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Death's Dream Kingdom

Gabriel Blanchard

A young woman of Victorian London has been transformed into a vampire. Can she survive the world of the immortal dead—or, perhaps, escape it?

Price: $6.99

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