Death's Dream Kingdom

Gabriel Blanchard

A young woman of Victorian London has been transformed into a vampire. Can she survive the world of the immortal dead—or, perhaps, escape it?

The year is 1874, and the young and devout Marie Redglass is the flower of London – until the night her life is taken from her by a handsome, sophisticated, supernatural murderer, and given back in a hellish form. Now she must navigate the concealed and decadent world of vampires.

Telepathy, sadism, impenetrable symbols, and the incessant cannibal feast stand at every turn. But in a world where so much perverse magic is possible, could there also be a way out?

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Books In This Series

The Redglass Trilogy

Meet the Author

Gabriel Blanchard

Gabriel is a gay Catholic anarchist fantasy author. He lives in Baltimore. He is, somehow, an actual person.

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