Hubris Towers Season 1, Episode 5
An Inadvisable Employee

Ben Y. Faroe, Billie Hoard

Hubris Towers gets its very first undercover desperado as Mr. Smith sends one of his goons—or do they prefer ‘minions’?—to join the Hubris Towers staff and keep an eye on things.

With colorful applicants to interview, an inspection looming, and romance hovering nervously in the air, it’s not as if Jimmy didn’t have enough to do. But Billiam seems eager to try his hand at mentoring. Maybe he can help.

It’s time for poetry, pie, and criminal infiltration as the Hubris Towers team swings into action for another round of laugh-out-loud adventures.

This is the fifth installment of Hubris Towers, a comedy series for fans of P. G. Wodehouse and Fawlty Towers. If you’re new to the series, sign up at to try the first two episodes on us.

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Meet the Authors

Ben Y. Faroe

Ben is an author, writing coach, and analyst. He divides his time between Baltimore and several imaginary locales.

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Billie Hoard

Billie lives in Baltimore. In addition to writing, Billie is a history teacher and a founding editor at Pints & Prose, an online creative laboratory.

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