Hubris Towers Season 1, Episode 6
A Terrible Fix

Ben Y. Faroe, Billie Hoard

It's going to take Jimmy and Ana's best efforts to get Hubris Towers through the big inspection—and all these helpers aren't exactly helping.

When Hubris Towers acquires the last house on the block, Mr. Hubris is excited to welcome local matriarch Mother Robert as the newest tenant of Hubris Towers and announce the launch of an ambitious new construction project.

But with the big inspection one day away and the building falling apart at the seams, it’s going to be all Jimmy and Ana can do to keep Hubris Towers from getting shut down. Add a literary interlude with Ms. Leonelle, a little help from Gustav the criminal bellhop-in-training, and rather less help from Mr. Schwartz, and it’s anyone’s guess whether Hubris Towers will even stay open long enough to demolish Mother Robert’s house.

The Russians are eager to help, though, and even if Jimmy is poor in money, he’s rich in leftover tuna. So it will probably turn out fine.

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Ben Y. Faroe

Ben is an author, writing coach, and analyst. He divides his time between Baltimore and several imaginary locales.

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Billie Hoard

Billie lives in Baltimore. In addition to writing, Billie is a history teacher and a founding editor at Pints & Prose, an online creative laboratory.

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